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About us

At the heart of our identity lies a compelling vision, a steadfast mission, and a set of unwavering values that form the foundation of everything we do.


Ravishankar Gopalan

Managing Partner, Execute Partners & Consultants LLP

29+ years winning track record in Banking and Financial Services | Ex-IDFC Bank |Ex-IDFC FIRST Bank | Ex-ABC| Ex-Citi | Business Transformation Specialist |Technology Implementation and Operations expert | People Practitioner | ITIL Strategic Leader | Google Project Management Certified | Winner of multiple awards across organisations | Advisory Board Member |

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Key Pillars

Clients & Customers

Technology & Processes




Delivering and executing business ideas to success for our clients and customers



Through dedication and ingenuity, we always remain the preferred partner for transformation and technology needs for both our esteemed clients and our cherished customers.



Strive for customers' success.

Biased towards execution.

Focus on continuous improvements.

Technology is key to growth and innovation.

People are the greatest asset.

Think and work holistically.

Principles we are guided by


1. Start with your client's perspectives.

Understand the client organization and their perspective on value creation. Value creation will be most effectively delivered if the leadership in the client organisation drives it.

2. Put your skin in the game.

Believe that execution is the key to success. To drive execution, we need to get to the brass tacks. 

3. Stay focused on client outcomes.

Bring joy to the processes that drive client outcomes and continuously map outcomes to values.

4. Start from where your clients are.

However, progress iteratively with feedback. Continuous measurement and transparent reporting of metrics are the keys to checking progress.

5. Think and work holistically. 

Recognise complexities in the system and always keep it simple. If it is easy to understand, it will be easy to adopt.


Meet the Team




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