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Execute Partners thy name is success!

Execute Partners & Consultants LLP

Dot exe was made famous by technology. All executable applications had to have the file extension dot exe, for the programs to run.

So what happens when you need to execute programs across the three key pillars of Customers, People and Technology & Processes, so we came-up with the concept (and visualisation of) of three dots exe.

The colours Red, Amber and Green signify many things in real life, however from a program and project perspective it signifies the state a project or program is, at a point in time. Each dot, representing each of these three colours, simulates an emotion in us and better depicts the project status than what any word can convey.

Finally since we are niche we wanted to be called "cute" as well. Hence execute.

Legally we are Execute Partners & Consultants LLP that has the three dots logo with the three colours depicted in the three dots.

Please welcome the birth of "execute".

Ravishankar Gopalan


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