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Relationship Management for the Digital Era - embrace it or be left out!

Banking has become omnipresent/omnichannel, thanks to technology. Beyond the traditional phones/ tablets/ATMs which perform most of the banking transactions, banking has transcended traditional boundaries with the advent of social media channels, chatbots, etc.

Despite all these (high-tech) options, there are times, when you need to talk to a real human who can answer your specific questions, we’re talking about engaging with Virtual Relationship Manager (vRM). Your RM is your SPOC to handle everything you need and avoids visits to the bank personally.

Given the significant competitive landscape emerging in the BFSI segment, with new Neo Bank entrants and other Fintech, all Financial institutions are forced to re-invent their traditional CX touch-points (continually) to deliver their service promise to their customers.

Whilst there are designated RM available, given the massive customer base, the service quality has always been wanting even today, despite all technology adoption in the ecosystem. One of the key reasons has been the lack of an integrated omnichannel approach to RM banking, which has significantly impacted the service delivery/quality to the target customers.

Standing out from your competitors isn’t always easy. As a result, companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge in their industry glocally (global & local).

The digital age has meant the traditional approach to engage with the consumer is no longer fit for purpose – one size no longer fits all. Out of this changing landscape, Digital Experience (DxP) across various touch points, has risen as a priority for smart and savvy companies, a way for businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and create a unique experience for customers.

Key Issues in the new digital age of Relationship Banking:

  1. Isolated channels of interactions

  2. Data silos

  3. RM is not available beyond office hours, mandatory holidays etc.

  4. Lack of integrated systems, in new-age channels, across the product portfolio

  5. Workforce planning (backup) to meet service promise

UNFYD®vRM suite, an integrated digital/social transformation platform, leverages the listening/interaction capabilities in a single platform, to enable seamless DxP journey orchestration across the various touch-points. Our platform framework, enables an integrated CDP (customer data platform, lifecycle journey-mapping) across the various engagement touch-points of a customer journey, providing an analytical-based approach towards the engagement & product offering by any enterprise.

We help turn customer service into customer loyalty — by making it easy for customers to get help through social, and mobile channels. Today’s consumers no longer require just resolution, but also meaningful conversations, real-time, on the most demanding digital channels.

UNFYD® applies the disciplines of contact centre efficiency with the unique dynamics of social customer engagement. We continuously innovate to help our clients turn unstructured, chaotic signals into organised, meaningful channels.

Key benefits :

  1. Leverage and protect existing technologies and their associated investments, including CC, CRM and back-office systems.

  2. Empower the CX teams with a single pane of glass view into all voice and digital interactions

  3. Contain costs and generate revenue via a digital customer experience, across all channels, including AI-based solutions.

  4. Gather relevant data across systems to understand CX trends, intents and realities in-depth.

UNFYD®COMPASS ready-2-deploy vertical toolkits (Insurance, AMC, Banks/NBFC) enable enterprises to fast-forward their digital transformation journey at a rapid pace, with pre-built configurators to enterprise integration.

Execute Partners is in the business of consultancy enabling clients, customers and their businesses, by implementing ideas or bringing them closer to products/solutions that help them deliver superior experiences to their end customers.

We are keen to connect, discuss & explore possible areas of collaboration with your Company/Organisation. You can reach us at


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